Antonio Parrotta

For more than 2 decades, Antonio Parrotta has  provided innovative landscape designs. He has transformed outdoor living spaces for his clients country wide. He works hand in hand with clients to achieve a design that is unique to each individual, yet functional.  The clients vision and goals are top priority as they are guided through the design process and throughout the developing stages of each project. His objective is always to offer insight, short and long term planning as well as creative design solutions. 

Antonio works one on one with his clients throughout all stages of each project. Each design demonstrates his extensive plant knowledge, effective use of color, texture and scale in all climates and zones around the country. Considering that landscaping is "growing art", all selections are arranged so they evolve and continue to show their sustainable beauty over time.  His many years of experience have allowed him to be tremendously well versed in all phases of land development and landscape contracting.  Whether it's a home in the country, a cottage in the suburbs or an outdoor space in the city he will bring your vision to life.